Reusable Gift Bag

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Made in London for us by Birdsong; a social enterprise sourcing sustainably and crafting ethically.

We are obsessed with these bags.  The materials used are surplus and offcuts from some of Birdsong's earlier collections.  They are made by women who would have otherwise faced barriers to employment, were it not for Birdsong.  The fabrics are sustainable and feel delightful; the Tencel thin and malleable, and the Khadi cotton thicker and sturdier.  These bags are reusable and washable, made with a drawstring that can be tied and adjusted as needed.  And the possibilities for use, are endless.  They're like reusable bags, but better.

Perfect for wrapping christmas presents - be it Emergency Mix Granolas, Granola-Dust Bars, or something else entirely - plus it's an extra gift in itself so you can feel proud to have killed 2 birds with 1 stone.  They're also ideal for socks and underwear, à la Marie Kondo at home, or for when you travel.  Toiletries, too.  Or simply for picking up produce, pasta or pastries - though watch the butter stains, perhaps bread buns would be better suited, but that didn't begin with a 'P' - from your local shop, packaging free or otherwise.

There are only 30 bags available before Christmas, so first come first served.

1. Carrot-Orange Striped Reusable Gift Bag made from Tencel.
2. Beetroot-Red Polka-Dotted Reusable Gift Bag made from Tencel.
3. Not-Kale-Green Blue Floral Reusable Gift Bag made from Khadi Cotton.

All 30cm L x 20cm W in size.
All natural fibres, and therefore home compostable at end of life [though we suspect they've a few years on them at least]. 
All made in London. 

Read more about our partnership with Birdsong and sustainable materials.