Walnut-Meal Snowball Cookie

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7 Cookies.  100% Plastic Free Packaging. Made from 1/3 British Walnut-Meal that would otherwise have been thrown away, as it is a by-product of pressing Walnut Oil.

Our new Seasonal, sustainable snack. They taste utterly delicious, and not unlike raw gingerbread cookie dough, which is a win in our book.

Our Borough Market neighbours Food and Forest sell a beautiful Walnut Oil from a local East Sussex farm, Old Place Farm. After discussing with husband and wife owned Old Place Farm the possibility of upcycling their leftover Walnut-Meal, it became apparent that during the walnut oil pressing process, you can lose anywhere from 1/3 to half of the Walnut. Which, considering how water and labour intensive they are to grow and cultivate, seems an awful waste. We sampled, we partnered, and the Walnut-Meal Snowball Cookie was born. The Walnut Oil from Old Place Farm is seasonal, so these cookies will be too.