BWL etc.: The Christmas Gift Guide

BWL etc.: The Christmas Gift Guide

By Cat O'Dea

BWL etc.: The Christmas Gift Guide

Let's be honest, while the true meaning of Christmas has nothing to do with what's under the tree, there is usually a mum, dad, grandma, friend or in-law who you want to get a little something for. Gift-giving can be hard, expensive and, if you've ever had to do a last-minute dash down Oxford Street on Christmas Eve (never again), it's downright exhausting.

Introducing the Christmas Gift Guide. Showcasing just a few of the brands we love. It includes a range of foodie favourites - gifts that will have a 100% success rate with your food-obsessed loved ones as well as some brands who are also trying to fight waste who we think deserve a mention too. We love them and we can almost guarantee that your loved ones will too.

  1. Pott Candles - As a fellow brand trying to fight waste, we're already a fan. Pott works with local and independent UK-based potters to create hand-thrown candle pots that you can keep forever. They use refillable natural wax with 100% natural essential oils so simply order a new refill once it's done. It's the perfect gift for someone who loves a great-smelling home. And who doesn't right? What's more their Pott for Change Campaign ensures that even the slightly wonkier pots are used instead of being thrown. Pre-filling them so they can be still sold at a discounted price, these pots are part of a charity project, with all profits going towards a different charity of choice each year. This year, proceeds go to Shelter. Shop Pott Candles.

  2. Huskee - Functional and pretty. Huskee produces a range of reusable cups made from coffee husks - a byproduct from processing coffee beans. With the aim of having a specific and unique cup design that makes them globally-recognisable, their aim is to specialise in both products and a system that leads to a more regenerative planet. Onwards to a waste-free world. While these cups are a great gift for the loved one who is always on-the-go, their adaptable style means they also make a great addition to homeware. Great for the loved one who just moved in. Shop Huskee. 

  3. Toast Ale - 'Transforming leftover loaves to liquid gold'. Craft beers are a great Xmas go-to for my Dad and what's better than a great-tasting beer that does great things too? Toast Ale brews a selection of beers using surplus bread that is typically chucked. Bread ends and all. Yep, you heard correct, bread into beer. Around 44% of bread we produce is wasted which is absolutely absurd. So thank goodness for Toast Ale who are trying to do something about it. Using this surplus saves land, water and energy, reducing carbon emissions and what's more, 100% of profits go to charity. They partner with organisations such as Rainforest Trust UK, Soil Heroes Foundation, and FoodForAll, so it's truly a great brand to get behind. Shop Toast Ale.

  4. Pump St. Chocolate - made by hand from bean to bar, Pump Street uses traditional methods, ethical sourcing and all natural ingredients to produce chocolate bars and luxury drinking chocolate. Best part? They supply us with the cacao in our Rye, Hazelnut and Cacao Granola, so we can already confirm it tastes great. They pride themselves on quality and ensure their supply chain is super transparent so they can support their cocoa farmers as much as possible. For the festivities they even have flavours like Gingerbread and Panettone. Perfect for the loved one with a sweet-tooth. Shop Pump St. Chocolate.

  5. Single Variety Co. - Beginning the business from the comfort of her own home, Nicola founded Single Variety Co. with the goal of creating a jam which had less sugar and used better quality fruit. After selling in markets the business quickly took off. The Single Variety Co. range includes fruit preserves, marmalades and chilli jams. And what better time to receive a jar of Single Variety Co. than Christmas Day itself? Each one has a deserving place on the Christmas dinner table whether they accompany the main, dessert or cheeseboard. Move over turkey. Shop Single Variety Co.

  6. Tuuli Tea - Disrupting the wellness industry with modern and unique herbal tea blends, Tuuli Tea has both great tea and a great outlook on life. Their ethos is to appreciate both the highs and the lows in life, and whatever mood, they have a tea for it. Teas for hangovers, down-days and more. Sidenote: They come in super fun tins making them the perfect gift. Check out all their great blends as each one is a worthy contender, but if you can't choose a blend, opt for The Collection which has 2 bags of each. Shop Tuuli Tea.

  7. UpCircle - One of Chloë's personal faves. We've mentioned them before but felt we needed to sing their praises once again. Upcycled ingredients in natural formulations. Certified B-Corp, cruelty-free and vegan. Oh AND plastic-free packaging. The UpCircle gang use all kinds of byproducts. Their body cream uses date seeds leftover from date farming and their eye cream uses maple bark extract, a byproduct from the wood industry. It's crazy what you can do with leftovers (in all forms) but we're absolutely here for it. They come in great gift sets too (wink-wink). The added anti-inflammatory/antioxidant benefits are merely a bonus. Shop UpCircle.

  8. Shell on Earth - Last but not least; one for all the plant-lovers, a gift to keep your leafy pals thriving or to spruce up an outdoor space - whelk shells. Great for cacti, succulents and most indoor houseplants, whelk shells help to aerate the soil, making your plant flourish. Husband and wife Jordan and Caryl Andrews run the small family business which takes the crushed whelk shells from their family's seafood processing factory to recycle them for use in gardens and landscapes. They support a circular economy by utilising 100% of the whelks they process. From terrarium kits and vases to gardener's gift packs, they have a great range for your green-fingered loved one. Shop Shell on Earth.