The most sustainable granola in the world.


saved so far…

- kg pulp from landfill

- kg CO2

- kWh electricity per house

d e f i n e : j u i c e p u l p

/dʒuːs pʌlp/

noun: 1. a colourful, fibrous, moist mass of material leftover from making fruit and vegetable juices

verb: love food hate waste; the outputs of one system are the inputs of another; care for the well-being of your gut and the planet; ex. "to pulp", "I pulp"


I bought your granola at Borough Market on Friday and just tried some and it's just divine! So tasty and crunchy. Perfect clusters.


I think that the product itself is absolutely fantastic.


I just ate it straight out the bag


high fibre. low waste.


nibs etc. Stall, Borough Market

Three Crown Square, Borough Market,

Bedale St,
London, SE1 1TL

Thursday, 10am - 5pm
Friday, 10am - 6pm

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