Delicious and nourishing Upcycled Snacks made with high-fibre food industry by-products, to fight food waste.

Oat, Almond & Honey Granola made with Upcycled Juice Pulp

We research our ingredients, our packaging, our supply chain, so that you don't have to.

You know, by the time it comes to choosing the most sustainable option, your decision is easy.

We've already done the work for you.

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Oat, Almond and Honey Granola made with Upcycled Juice Pulp

We are on a mission to redefine the concept of 'waste'. 

Pulp, is not, waste.  40% of the world's food, produced, is wasted.  And in the process, so are the time, water, salaries, fuels, land, resources, to produce it.  If food waste were a country, it would be the third largest emitter of green house gases, after the US and China.  That's absurd. 

Our Mission

We believe in going the extra mile to have a product that is sustainable from start to finish.

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It's not just a snack. It's a way of life.

The choices we make, make a difference. Read more on Brands We Love, Journal entries on what's inspring us, sustainable Collections and Upcycled Recipes.

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BWL etc.: Old Place Farm Walnuts

Our Borough Market neighbours Food and Forest sell a beautiful Walnut Oil from a local East Sussex farm, Old Place Farm Walnuts. It occurred to me that no one ever talks about what happens to the leftovers when pressing nuts and seeds for oils. But one thing is for certain, the entirety of the ingredient does not end up in the oil. So where does it go?


Borough Market
Friday 10-6pm
Saturday 8am - 5pm
Sunday 10am - 2pm
tube: London Bridge, Monument, Borough

We are stocked in select, sustainable, independent, packaging free shops:

tube: Hackney Downs Studios

TopUp Truck
for residents in N/NE/E London

nibs etc. Oat, Almond and Honey Granola made with Upcycled Juice Pulp