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What is Juice Pulp?

Juice pulp is the by-product of juicing; it’s all the fibre that come out the back of a juicer, from the skins to the seeds and the stems.

Why Juice Pulp?

Juice pulp is full of fibre, and while not as sweet or flavoursome as it would be if it were still in its original fruit or vegetable form, it still has great flavour, and adds interesting textures to cakes and bakes.

The fibre in fruits and vegetables is also essential for slowing down the passage of sugar through the digestive system,
hence slowing the absorption and improving blood sugar levels.
our juice, has little to no fibre,
as it’s all been removed.

How it works

Juicing & Pulp Collection

Pulp Products

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Circular Economy

Juice pulp often ends up in landfill where it is left to rot, emitting methane, harming the environment and contributing to the detrimental impacts of greenhouse gases. Instead, we pick this up from within the supply chain, upcycle it and therefore extend ‘typical product shelf life’.

We add greater value to the fruit and vegetables used, and cut the cost of the resources per kilo of fruit and veg. required to produce it in the first place, by up to 1/3. In consuming our granola, you obtain energy and fibre that would otherwise have been lost. This, is the beauty of the circular economy.

We use organic ingredients whenever we can, sourcing them from suppliers who are local where possible, and as transparent as possible, so we can be happy with the sustainability of our snacks, from the earth, to the bowl, and back again.