We believe that food waste is an abomination.

nibs etc. is about making delicious, and nourishing sustainable snacks out of ingredients that would normally be thrown away, to fight food waste, and enable customers to reduce their carbon footprint in so doing.

Our first product is a delicious, high fibre, not too sweet, easily snack-able granola, made with fruit and vegetable juice pulp. We work with juice bars around London to collect their ‘waste’ pulp, which is packed with flavour and fibre, and upcycle it into sustainable snacks.

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We believe in searching for well thought out ingredients to optimise taste bud satisfaction.

Our Ingredients

We believe brands should equip customers with the tools they need to reduce their waste & carbon footprint.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to redefine the concept of ‘waste’. Pulp, is not, waste. 40% of the world’s food, produced, is wasted.

And in the process, so are the time, water, salaries, fuels, land, resources, to produce it. If food waste were a country, it would be the third largest emitter of green house gases, after the US and China. That’s absurd.

On top of that, after processing, 70% of food is wasted by us, the consumer. This is a devastating global, environmental and social problem. The silver lining? The solution, is 70% in our hands.

If you do one thing today, to be a better human for yourself, and the planet, start your day with a bowl of our granola. You (and your bowels) can thank us later.

We believe in going the extra mile to have a product that is sustainable from start to finish.

How it started

Hi, my name is Chloë. I am a self-proclaimed chocaholic, ethnic mutt, and food obsessor. I created a blog about upcycling leftovers and no waste recipes in 2015, mostly to satiate my own kitchen curiosities in a productively creative way. A year later, due to growing demand for this zero waste mentality and sustainable cooking, the blog evolved offline in the form of various events, yoga-brunch collaborations, supper clubs and popups.

Along the way I befriended a wonderful juicer, who, to her great confusion and amusement, kindly allowed me to start experimenting with her pulp. A few months later, nibs etc. represented a line of juice pulp products, with a retail focus, and had earned its first two awards: Cotswold Fayre Young Food and Drink Entrepreneur of the Year, and the first WeWork Creator Award.

"Be an activist from your kitchen table"

nibs etc. incorporated in January 2018, launched at Borough Market, where we’ve been trading every week since November 2017, and recently scooped up our second WeWork Creator Award; this one awarded to us by the one and only Ashton Kutcher (who may or may not have called me the ‘snacking queen’). Now with a commercial kitchen, office space and slowly growing team, nibs etc. is increasingly becoming a known and respected thought leader in the zero food waste industry.

And what a journey it has been! I hope you join us for the ride, with a bowl of juice pulp granola.

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We believe we taste fantastic and if you don’t like it, you probably just have underdeveloped taste buds.

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