Journal etc:. April, Making Do

Journal etc:. April, Making Do

By Chloë Stewart

Journal etc:. April, Making Do

This has been a roller coaster month already and we are barely a week in. But with change and challenges come new opportunities.  Businesses are evolving to the crisis at hand and making the necessary adjustments to stay afloat and do their part to help.  Such as Borough Market partnering with Feed the Front Line to work with Turnips to deliver fresh seasonal produce directly to our healthcare workers.  People are clapping from their balconies for our 2020 superheroes; the NHS and essential workers.  Mountain goats are keeping us entertained by making their way into towns in Wales and taking over the streets.  We are reaching out and possibly staying more connected to loved ones than ever before through Zoom calls, Skype and every other messaging service available; we may be physically distancing, but we are definitely socially connecting.

This month is about making do and making the most out of the situation at hand. Such as making do with what ingredients are left in your fridge/ freezer/cupboard and transforming into a delicious [if not slightly experimental] meal.  The age old excuse, 'I just don't have time', is so 2019; a lot of us suddenly find ourselves with quite an abundance of it.  So check out our recipe for Kitchen-Sink Easter Nests on the Blog for what to do with any excess chocolate.  Or trial some Natural DIY Easter Egg Dyeing with your kids - or, selves - ahead of the Easter Weekend. 

It might feel like a strange time to be 'celebrating' anything, at the moment.  A lot of us may feel uprooted, unsettled, have lost our rhythm or routine.  We strongly believe that continuing with our traditions, no matter how big or small, old or new, can help root us, bring us purpose, and keep us going.  Make do and make the most of your extra time, it's not the time to see this confinement as limiting or debilitating.  It's an opportunity to grow, learn new skills, be reminded of old hobbies and re-connect and stay connected with the people you love.  Be grateful for good health and appreciative of the freedom we will have once this passes. 

Our Easter Traditions

Easter Egg Hunt:

[Disclaimer: you do not have to be under 7 to enjoy an easter egg hunt..].

  • If you're living with another person/people, you could each pick a room to hide in, then rotate, for the searches. 
  • Write out a set of clues/riddles to solve


  • Chocolate Easter Nests, our recipe here.
  • Hot Cross Buns: a detailed breakdown - and tried and tested - recipe for Sourdough ones here, or a classic Jamie Oliver recipe here.


  • Naturally dyed Easter Eggs, made from upcycled kitchen scraps, here.
  • The Easter Game: egg cracking competition.  Not much of a competition seeing as it's 100% luck of the draw.. basically, strongest egg wins.  Maybe you've heard of it?  Maybe you haven't?  To be honest, you probably haven't [one of those weird - I mean great - Swiss traditions].  But we might let you google the rules for this one, for fear of getting lost in our own words...

We will be spending the weekend admiring the sun on our - brief - spot of exercise, from our homes with windows wide open to hear the birds, an upcycled lunch, chocolate a plenty, physical distancing and virtual socialising.