Recipe etc:. Kitchen-Sink Easter Nests

Recipe etc:. Kitchen-Sink Easter Nests

By Chloë Stewart

Recipe etc:. Kitchen-Sink Easter Nests

I love traditions.  And right now, I don't know about you, but I could do with a tradition or two; to ground me, keep me going, feel close to the people that I can't be close to. Every Easter, I generally insist upon the following: 1 Easter egg hunt, 1 batch of chocolate Mini Egg nests, 1 egg dying session. [for brunch egg-cracking]. Given all that's going on, one will suffice.

Giving my chocolate nests the bestover treatment; behold, the ultimate Kitchen-Sink-Easter-Nests.

In a few [non] recipe ways to prep the best Easter/Spring Feast and avoid any unnecessary trips to the grocery shop, try these upcycling hacks:
Frittata - for using veg odds and ends.
Quiche - [with the rough puff you obviously have in your freezer for moments like these...] for veggie sides such as caramelised onions, leek gratin, roasted broccoli.
Savoury Bread Pudding - nuts, dried meats, cooked meat leftovers, dried fruits, milk + eggs.

Now, down to business, and an actual recipe...

Holidays celebrate traditions.  Traditions celebrate food.  Food celebrates people.  Our favourite people.  With them, and for them.  So here’s a little thing I make every year for my favourite people.  Ready in under an hour, it’s the perfect Easter dessert, spring bake, breakfast? There’s also cereal in it.  So.  Obvi. It's so easy you could send it round to all your Zoom/Google-Hangout/Houseparty friends so even they can have a few ready for your call - it'll be like you're all together, sort of.

And because I literally can’t help myself… it also just so happens to be the perfect pantry spring clean.

Here's to an Easter - indoors - of #ThinkingBeforeYouToss.

Kitchen-Sink Easter Nests
nibs etc. original recipe. Makes 30 single egg nests, 15-20 double egg nests.

300g Chocolate: this year’s eggs, last year’s eggs, gianduja filled, praline, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, any and all half-wrapped odds and ends. [I used 100g whatever milk chocolate I had lying around, 100g mixed milk Cailler Easter eggs and 100g 70% Lindt].
150g Kitchen-sink: bottom-of-the-bag nibs etc. Granola, stale-ing Corn Flakes, random bag of Shredded Wheats, old crisps, forgotten rice cakes, bag-end oats, etc. … [I used 100g Shredded Wheat, 30g Salt + Vinegar crisps, 10g Rolled Oats, 10g chocolate covered Rice Cakes].
1 tbsp / 14g Salted/Unsalted Butter
1 tbsp Golden Syrup/Honey
Pinch Salt

Line a tray with baking paper.
In a bain-marie, melt all your chocolate.  In a separate bowl, hand crush all your dry ingredients.
When your chocolate is melted, pour in your dry ingredients, and toss thoroughly with a spoon until everything is well coated in chocolate.
Carefully spoon walnut sized clumps of chocolate covered everything, and carefully shape into nests with a small dip in the centre, where you will then place a single [or double – depending on the size] Cadbury Mini Egg.
Allow to cool at room temperature for a nice shine [or in the fridge/freezer if you’re really pressed for time].  Plate and serve.

Make them all dark, milk, or white chocolate.
Add nuts, dried fruits, flaked coconut.
Get inspired by your pantry: puffed quinoa, pop corn, pretzels.


Stay safe, everyone. Chloë x