Journal etc:. February, Pairings

Journal etc:. February, Pairings

By Chloë Stewart

Journal etc:. February, Pairings

Love is a peculiar thing that comes in many shapes and forms.  For us, Love is about the celebrations and pairing of two individuals. February was THE month of Love with a capital 'L'.  As much as Valentine's day can consume us [which it did] with marketing pressures, pink hearts and red roses, it's a reminder to express our love for the ones we hold close.  This month had us reflecting on that, what it means to us and how we would express it.  Pairings of people, food, people and food, food and food.  Pairings are worth celebrating. Like Ugly Butterfly's banana bread and chicken butter; unusual, maybe, but trust us - and obviously Chef Adam Handling - when we say it works.

So in the celebration of pairings, here are a few of our favourites; from foods we love to pair with our golden cluster granola, to products that align with our ethos which pair with our values.  Cheers to the month of Love, and may it carry you through the months to come.

Please note: this post is in NO WAY sponsored.  It's simply an excuse for us to share with you our favourite sustainable brands - given we spend a lot of time researching them, we thought we might be able to save you some time - and show you how versatile our first product, juice pulp granola, really is.

Pairings in the Bowl:

Our granola is unique in flavor thanks to the use of juice pulp.  Undertones of ginger carry through and subtle hints of honey and cinnamon make it just sweet enough.  But not too sweet.  So it's perfect in savoury dishes, too.  How to pair nibs etc. granola. from dawn, 'til dusk [midnight snacks not excluded]:

nibs etc. Granola + Dorset Dairy Co: granola and thick delicious British-Made, Greek-style yogurt like Dorset Dairy Co's, made on the family farm with nothing but cultures added.  For extra fiber, and food-waste-fighting breakfast-activist-credentials, throw in some Oddbox fruit - or other wonky variety available to you.  That's one big sustainable tick to start the day.

nibs etc. Granola + porridge: got some great British oats laying around?  Soak overnight, cook on the hob, slowly, and top with granola for crunch and pizzaz.  Maybe add a dollop of peanut butter? [Pic's and ManiLife are our favourites].  Any fruit lying around?  Frozen berries?  Sky's the limit for porridge toppings.  But we reckon granola - yes oat-on-oat - is game-changing.

nibs etc. Granola + pudding: our friends at Oddbox - surplus, misshapen fruit and veg. delivered to your door - pair in many ways.  As a quick, alternative pudding, bake some fruit, any fruit - pears, apples, rhubarb or blood oranges [both currently in season] - sprinkled with cinnamon and honey, until tender and top with granola to serve. Easy crumble, without the faff of making the crumble [faff entirely necessary sometimes, but not all the time].

nibs etc. Granola + soup, salad, canapes: adds crunch to a soup, a salad, or even a canape - think crouton or plain nuts substitute.  Pairing granola with savoury foods works perfectly, precisely because it is not too sweet.

nibs etc. Granola dust + Chocolate: that dusty stuff at the bottom of a bag?  DO NOT TOSS.  A natural pairing with dark chocolate.  Trust us.  Melt dark chocolate, when cooling, sprinkle with granola dust - extra granola, nuts and dried fruit if so desired - and allow to cool completely.  Break into bark-sized snacks.  Or, swing by our Borough Market stall - we've got a handful left to sell by Easter - made in partnership with our friend Meredith Whitely, 72% Dark Madagascan Chocolate from Pump St. Chocolate in Orford, UK.

Pairings in life:

nibs etc. Granola + Sezane : picture cosy-sunday mornings hugging a bowl of granola-topped porridge, wrapped in your favourite knits. Like say, Sezane knits; a French brand that knows how to combine chic and sustainability.  Using 70% eco-responsible materials, 2 new eco-friendly denim lines, and have recycled more than 12,000 pieces.

nibs etc. Granola + Tooth: Tooth make Eco-friendly oral care.  The Bristles are made from Nylon 4, making them 100% industrially compostable.  The head is also interchangeable, and replaceable via subscription, so no need to dispose of the whole thing.  The handle itself is made from 100% recycled aluminum.  Morning activist routine: brush with Tooth, fuel with nibs etc..

Pairings in the Kitchen:

nibs etc. Granola + Huskee Cups: our new obsession.  Designed in Australia, made using the coffee husks which are otherwise wasted in the production of coffee.  Granola on the go, in a bag, a box, a coffee-husk upcycled reusable cup?  And coffee-cup for later.   A two-in-one we can get behind.