Journal etc.: March, Transformations

Journal etc.: March, Transformations

By Chloë Stewart

Journal etc.: March, Transformations

Talking about transformation has never seemed quite so pertinent.

March is the month that signifies the turning of seasons. Those long dreary Winter days are almost over.  The days are getting longer, daffodils are shinning happy yellow faces in parks, grass has replaced mud and the need to wear a beanie along with 7 other layers is less necessary.  It's safe to say Spring is finally here.

We know spring is here when we change from granola-topping porridge, to yoghurt and seasonal fresh fruit.  Transformation is a big topic for us; the mission behind our brand is transforming ingredients that are normally seen as waste, into delicious and nourishing foods that you want to eat again and again.  Case in point, our golden, clustery granola, made from juice pulp going to waste to, given new life, and avoiding waste.

With the season of new life brings with it the annual cleaning-fest; windows are opened-wide, hoovers see the light of day in maybe too long, and rubber gloves are strapped on [now perhaps more than ever].  Transforming our homes to be sparkling clean for the warmer months.  The reason behind the craze?  Winter naturally brings less daylight and causes the release of melatonin [the hormone which makes us sleepy] hence not having the energy to do any deep cleaning until the spring when more sun fills our days [in case you needed to back up that excuse..].  Spring resonates across the globe, from religions, to ethnicities; the Persian New Year, for example, coincides with the first day of Spring, with the 13-day celebrations actually involving cleaning [that's one way to mobilise a crowd].

Understandably, hygiene is a hot topic at the moment. And many of us are confined to our homes, with a lot more time than we had predicted.  So to get you in the sweeping, deep cleaning mood and hopefully leave you a little inspired here's a list of DIY cleaning and hygiene tips and tricks to help transform your home for the Spring. 

1. Whilst hand-sanitizer is all but sold out across the country [and seemingly, globe], here's a DIY version to make your own, and safely social-distance, as required.

2. For another DIY cleaning product, to cover you from your windows to your bathroom sink. 

3. And if you're doubting whether DIY cleaning products are as effective as store-bought ones, and want to know whether they really kill germs, then have a read here

4. Alternatively, if you live walking distance to one of London's ever growing world of packaging-free shops, lookout for a brand such as Fill, making bulk refillable eco cleaning and laundry products in glass bottles and jars. 

5. Acala online  Get your hands on some natural cleaning products like the natural tea tree and eucalyptus bathroom cleaning soap or with the extra time creating a natural pamper pack for yourself or a loved one at Acala [they have a 'spa day pamper gift bag' already made for you]. 

6. Spring isn't just the time to clean but the time to plant, and have some blossoming flowers ready for the summer.  And boy we could use something to look forward to, right now.  Seed ball, are literally planting seeds, of, change.  They make balls that are mini-ecosystems, protecting the seeds from birds and small pests, allowing them the nutrition they need to germinate and grow.  All seeds are native to the UK and have mixes specifically to encourage bees and pollination.  Order these little balls online and toss them into a pot - or upcycled tin, I'm sure you've got plenty of these right now - filled with soil on your balcony or scatter them through your garden.