Journal etc.: May, Rediscovery

Journal etc.: May, Rediscovery

By Chloë Stewart

Journal etc.: May, Rediscovery

The past few weeks have been, to say the least, strange.  No one foresaw 2020 being the year of a lockdown, staying home, social distancing, and toilet paper rations.  Besides Bill Gates, who seemed to predict something like this back in 2015.  [Don't believe us?  Watch it here].

Staying motivated has been a challenge on some days, a breeze on others.  We've seen neighbours playing ping-pong across balconies, some major spring cleaning [Marie Kondo must be proud], the entire country taking up sourdough baking, and attempting the art of making a decent coffee [regrettably never quite the same as how your barista makes it].  And in a perhaps unexpected turn of events, the huan race has adapted and adjusted, staying more socially connected, albeit physically distanced, than ever before.

While we may have had plans to learn 3 languages, do multiple courses online, and have our LinkedIn profiles looking top-notch, it's more than okay for that to not have been the case.  It's just as important to reserve energy, do things you actually enjoy and rediscover those old hobbies, passion projects you used to love.  Be kind to yourself, and try not to feel guilty about doing things you get enjoyment from.  Or not getting through your 10 page lockdown to-do list.  Now that quarantine restrictions start to lift, what have you rediscovered that you might bring with you in the weeks, months, years to come?

So, over the coming months we will collate a collection of ideas we think you'll enjoy; things to grow, make, ways to move, explore, places to listen, learn. We hope it inspires you to re-discover habits, passions, hobbies passed; from before time ran away from you, now that we're forced to slow down [it's time to take a break from the Netflix binge]:

Growing: is this the gentle nudge we all needed to become a little more self-sufficient?  Now has never been a better time to start growing your own.  Head to The Seed Cooperative for some organic, biodynamic seeds to purchase.  No need for fancy containers, you can always use old empty - clean - tomato, chickpea/bean tins, egg cartons, crates and veg. containers.  Apparently, you can also grow vegetables from the tops and bottoms of your own vegetables; celery, onion, fennel, leek...; see what Max La Manna has been doing for some inspiration. 

Moving: The Yoga Brunch Club has gone virtual; and we think it's brilliant.  Clem will guide you through an hour of yoga, and you're brunch will be delivered straight to your door; all while on a zoom call with plenty of other house-bound friends/strangers/yogis.  Watch for her upcoming events in Bristol and London.  We hope this one helps you feel connected even in down times, times of isolation.  Moving is the medication that never gets prescribed.  All you need is the internet, a laptop or phone, and your yoga mat.  

Making: Just because the entire country fancies them self a star baker, doesn't mean you can't be too.  Take those baking skills up a notch with the help and guidance from the master bakers at Puff The Bakery with their newly launched online School of Pastry: learn the art of pastry, cake, dough, and so much more through video tutorials, podcasts, and weekly live Q+A's.  Better ready that 2021 Great British Bakeoff Application now..

Listening: Chefs Manifesto Podcast Season 1 was hosted by Chef Tom Hunt, an award-winning eco-Chef, food writer, and climate change activist. The podcast is set up as a resource for chefs and food-passionate people alike, to learn, share stories, resources of action on the UN's Sustainable Development goals.

Exploring: Let's face the fact, even if you didn't do much traveling before Covid [BC], we all appear to have itchy feet.  Suitcase Magazine has created a stunning list of some of Earth's most iconic places for you to live stream to watch from your home.  Explore the Venice canals through to the Northern Lights in Churchill, in Canada.